Photojournalistic Elopement Photography by Couple of DudesAs Project Manager on Rocky Mountain Institute’s Shine Program, Titiaan helps small utilities, municipalities, and corporates to procure 0.5-5 MW solar at much lower costs, making clean energy affordable to more Americans. Titiaan is responsible for market analysis, partnership development, and project management.

Titiaan joined Rocky Mountain Institute in 2014, as Special Aide to Amory Lovins. Before moving to Colorado, Titiaan founded Cool Schools, an initiative to install solar PV on elementary schools; and Kairos Society the Netherlands, a network of young, impact-driven entrepreneurs. As an engineering undergraduate student, Titiaan co-founded Bodega Ksi, a high-end catering company.

Titiaan briefly worked with Nest Labs to develop product specs for the German market; with FirstFuel Software on data science and interface design; and with Infosys to identify opportunities for energy efficiency and onsite renewables in India.

Titiaan loves to foster environments in which people can learn. He has co-taught energy seminars at Stanford University, Olin College, and MIT; and led a hackathon at MIT Medialab’s India Initiative in Mumbai. He is a founding team member of Spokes America, an annual cross-U.S. bicycle trip in which college students teach hands-on engineering classes to teenagers.

Titiaan holds a BS in civil engineering from Delft and ETH Zürich, and an MS in sustainable energy technologies from Delft and MIT.


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