Don’t wait to make things until you know who you are

If you ponder to much about who you really are, you become paralyzed. This is the solution: start making things and find out who you are along the way. This holds true for finding out your passions too, as Randy Komisar says in this video. Don’t ponder about what THE passion is, but use your portfolio of passions and marry your passions to the opportunities in front of you.

And that brings us to Seth Godin‘s territory: Don’t wait for permission to start shipping. Get started. It’s scary. Do it anyway!

Another great lesson: you are responsible for who you become, by selecting the people around you, the stuff you read and the things you do.

This is very true, and therefore you better start actively collecting. If you listen, read and discuss soccer all day long, chances are you’re not going to come up with a new Theory of the Universe. Collect the things you love and the things you feel hit home – those are the things that are close to you as a person.

For more great lessons, take a loot at this blog by Austin Kleon I just stumbled upon: “How to steal like an artist and 9 things nobody told me” – absolutely wonderful.

One thought on “Don’t wait to make things until you know who you are

  1. Hey Tiet,
    Wat een leuke website! Vooral de laatste blog vind ik heel erg leuk. Dat soort dingen zijn beetje mn drijfveer šŸ˜‰

    Sid vertelde er gister over dus vandaar dat ik even was gaan gluren. Ik vind het enorm gaaf wat je allemaal doet. Je zou trouwens ook echt eens moeten denken om mee te doen aan DenkTank. Je kunt je nu weer inschrijven. Het thema is niet zozeer duurzaam maar ik vind het wel boeiend, gaat meer over het nieuwe werken (

    Grusse, Cas

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