Phantom success factors

So many of us work to gain more money, power or status. A little bit may be required for happiness, but above a certain threshold, more money, power or status does not equate to more happiness.

In my perception, money, power and status are phantom success factors. They are a smokescreen that prevents us from seeing the factors that will lead to true happiness. Examples abound of wealthy individuals celebrated as heroes facing depression in their individual lives. True happiness follows from very different factors as freedom; goodness and enlightenment.

If we, as individuals in a society, were to celebrate factors as enlightenment; freedom and goodness, young people would choose their careers differently. No longer would people choose for roles in banks, in stead they would opt to become artists, teachers or entrepreneurs.

It’s up to us to blow away the smoke, and see what really matters.

Thanks to Darinde, Nadine, Pieter, Frithjof for insights

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