Samsara – repeating circle of birth, life, death and rebirth

Samsara is the single-most important movie to see before the end of winter.

A sequence of beautiful fragments of film, Samsara is awe-inspiring and mystical. The movie is fireworks for your eyes and ears.

Beyond its incredible aesthetics, the film shows how bizarre our world is. We have created harmful systems everywhere around us by optimizing system design for the wrong factors. Decades from now, our bodies, wealth and status will have disappeared. If we can give full attention to the world around us and channel our inventiveness and passion from creating killingry to livingry, we can create a world that is good for others. If we work hard and succeed, maybe we can make a movie called Nirvana not too long from now.

Nothing but respect to the artists who overcame fear and stayed committed for 5 years to ship this incredible movie.

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