Podcast review: 5 talks that will inspire you


Listening to interviews and talks is a great way to trigger a process of reflections and ideas. Below are 5 podcasts that I have recently listened to and I recommend. 

1. Thupten Jinpa (Dalai Lama’s translator) on working with the Dalai Lama. On Being Podcast.

“What are opposing characteristics in normal human beings, you tend to see them converging in him [the Dalai Lama].”

People who are pious and self-disciplined are often intolerant to people who do not live up to their standards. Thupten Jinpa explains that the Dalai Lama gets up at 3.30am every day, but does not judge others. Similarly, he says that the Dalai Lama is very humble but tremendously self-confident. An example for each of us to be. 

2. Seth Godin on the Art of noticing. On Being Podcast. 

I receive a daily email from Seth’s blog. Regularly – at least once per week – his writing triggers a reflection or new idea in my head. In this interview with Krista Tippett, Seth emphasizes the idea that there is no “mass market” and that every product, service or story in fact must be tailored to a tribe or an individual. He suggests that the best way to become an expert is to pick a craft, build things, share them with 10 friends and observe which products are shared by friends with others. 

3. Yvon Chouinard (founder of Patagonia) on being an example (and surfing). Stanford Center for Social Innovation. 

Great talk – Yvon has his own way of thinking and is a very humorous speaker. “How many really beautiful people do you know are squandering away?”. During the question and answer session, after the interview, someone in the audience asks how Yvon will target the Walmart customer that can not afford Patagonia-prodcuts. Yvon answers that he can not offer his products at Walmart-price – because his quality is too expensive. What’s interesting is that Yvon believes that he can change the way mass market companies will change they way they do business if a small company like Patagonia shows what’s possible in terms of manufacturing for a small company. 

4. Tim O’Reilly (O’Reilly media) speaking to a class of Stanford undergraduates on creating more value than you capture. Stanford Entrepreneurship Corner. 

In this talk, Tim speaks about different trends in technology start-ups. He also explains what he does as an editor, author and investor: “The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think.”

If you like this talk, listen also to Tim O’Reilly’s talk at the Long Now Foundation. 

5. Michael Pollan speaks about three ways to change our food system at the Long Now Foundation. Seminars About Long Term Thinking (SALT).

First, Michael Pollan explains that the issues in the food industry weave together many other problems: fossil energy scarcity, climate change, aridity and phosphor cycles. Then, he states three ways the food system can get off of oil – or in his own words “to solarize food”. Good talk, charismatic speaker. 

Please share the stories, talks or interviews that have changed the way you act!

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