Book review: The Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway

This wonderful short novel is beautiful in its simplicity. It tells the story of an old fisherman from Cuba, who goes on a journey which truly tests his persistence. As I was reading the book on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, the ocean setting made the writing very vivid.

Taking place only a few days, the adventure Hemingway sketches is fascinating. Hemingway has an interesting way of writing about an internal dialogue taking place in parallel with an external adventure. In his writings, Hemingway reminds me of authors like Herman Hesse and Paulo Coelho, who also write about the transformation of a character within external adventures.

Pick up this book and read the first half whenever you’re facing a period in which your persistence is truly tested. When you read about the battle the main character goes through, you will find regained energy to keep working on the challenges you are facing!

Fishing on the beaches of Ghana