The purpose of this blog

Why I am writing this blog? A good question, which deserves to be properly answered.

I started this website to create a digital personal introduction. The site should contain info about me: Titiaan Palazzi (despite the name, a guy who definitely doesn’t look Italian). If someone starts google-ing for me on the web, I’d like that person to get to know me by visiting my website – a place where he or she can read about me, the projects I have delivered, the pictures that are dear to me and the thoughts that I want to share with the world.

But not only did I want the website to be an introduction, I also wanted to start writing. I think regular writing is a great exercise for the mind.

After going through several websites that explain how to create a successful blog, it daunted to me that in order for me to keep writing, my blog had to focus on a specific topic. After an intense brainstorming session (one of the few solo brainstorms I’ve had!), I found my focus: inspiring people and their world-changing ideas.

PEOPLE + IDEAS. That’s what drives change. For better or worse. It’s what keeps me inspired to build new things that make this world a better place.

So, this website serves to purposes:

1. an introduction to Titiaan, info about me and the things I’ve shipped and

2. blog posts about the people and ideas that drive change in this beautiful world and inspire me to perform as well as I can

One thought on “The purpose of this blog

  1. Great initiative Titiaan. I am also planning to start my blog soon. I have been postponing for a long time but I agree it is a great way of sharing ideas 🙂

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