Silicon Valley post #1 for HOPE

A truck flying off a bridge in the movie Inception; a sound recording of Jon Bon Jovi; and Buzz Lightyear rescuing Woody from the hands of a human being. What do these three seemingly unrelated things have in common?

They have all been created by Ex’pression College students. The intensive bachelor program attracts artistic talent from across the world and aims to create the leading visual and auditory artists of tomorrow. Ex’pression College graduates develop films, games and sounds and go on to work with companies like Pixar, Zynga and Disney. The program focuses on teaching the techniques of the future and equips students with a sought-after set of skills. Don’t be put off if you’re class runs from midnight till the next morning, because this place is just buzzing with energy!

After our tour of Ex’pression college, we headed back from Emeryville to San Francisco, where our afternoon program would be hosted by the Dutch Consulate. Their 31st floor office, with an amazing view of San Francisco city, hosts the NBSO, the TWA and the Netherlands Foreign Investments office – important Dutch organizations that help to establish a strong relationship between the US and the Netherlands

Our first keynote speaker was Mr. Sinrod, an attorney at law from DuanneMorris, a leading US law firm. Mr. Sinrod gave us a captivating lecture on IP-protection of web based information, such as domain names and search results. He explained why a baby was sued by a comic book manufacturer and clarified how Madonna got into a clash with a rehabilitation center for people with polio. Interesting stuff and highly funny!

The program was rounded up by Ella van Gool, who works with venture-backed Square 1 bank. Mrs. Van Gool talked to us about the do’s & don’ts for Dutch in America. Have your pitch ready, be concise and please don’t start talking politics!

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Titiaan Palazzi

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